Panperduto’s Dam

Located on the banks of the Ticino river, at Somma Lombardo along the European E1 trail and a few kilometres away from the Lago Maggiore and Milan, Panperduto is a place rich of history and culture. The old residence of the dam workers has been authentically restructured and today wel-comes tourists following the cycleways, footpaths and points of interest along the water courses. There is accommodation available with the opportunity to take guided tours of the whole complex, from the river confluence to the museum of the Italo-Swiss watercourses including a garden of in-teractive water games, to the migratory passage for fish and the beautiful trails immersed in the Ti-cino nature reserve.


For a holiday immersed in nature amongst rivers and canals, Panperduto offers 6 rooms and a bedsit, with a total capacity of 22 guests. Every room has a bath with a shower, heating and air conditioning, linen and a wifi connection. The accommodation includes breakfast served from 7.30 to 9. Guests can also have lunch and/or dinner at the cafeteria (booking required). There also are bikes available for hire to explore the trails of the Ticino nature reserve.


The Panperduto cafeteria offers breakfast, apéritifs and lunches. Situated at the point of the river confluence and hydraulic constructions which are so fundamental for the irrigation of the Padana plain, the cafeteria values local production by using products from farms with the Parco Ticino brand as well as Fairtrade products


Museum and interactive water games

We offer guided tours of the entire Panperduto complex. The visit itinerary lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The route is easy and suitable for families with children and runs along the banks of the canals and the trails on Confurto Island. We advise visitors to wear suitable clothing and footware and we discourage the use of pushchairs due to slightly uneven terrain. Dogs on a lead are allowed on the visit.

Garden and water games

Next to the Museum there is the “Garden of Water Games”, a play area for understanding and experiencing water’s movement and . An accumulation tank allows the functioning of water games: installation of Archimedes screws, mills, channels, sluice gates and pumps will show to the children (but also adults) the hydrodynamic and kinetic strength of water. The installations allow to regulate the speed and the flow rate of the flowing water, the principles of physics and the ways in which water is used for irrigation, energy, transport and drainage purposes.

The Water Games Garden completes the experience of visiting the whole Panperduto complex, and the activities proposed for visiting schools and groups, reproducing in miniature one of the most important hydraulic hubs in Lombardy.

The Water Play Garden is closed during wintertime.

Information: +39 0331 259752 – Sito web